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SMC Capital

SMC Capital is a NYC-based venture fund and advisory firm focused exclusively on projects and tokens related to blockchain and digital currencies. Our powerful advisory arm provides fundraising, capital introduction, PR services, and exchange listing to clients and portfolio projects. We owe a part of our success to maintaining strong relations with investment communities in Europe, Asia, and the US (funds, family offices, crypto exchanges), as well as with leading media, such as WSJ, Business Insider, Coindesk and others. Both company partners work directly with the client, and you can be confident of seeing reliable results from their combined experience and expertise.

Our values:

- We put our client interests first
- We always maintain independent perspective so client can make best solution
- We deliver results and preserve client confidence in our work

Founding partners
John Slyusarev
Co-founder, Managing Partner
John is a co-founder and Managing Partner at SMC Capital, NYC-based blockchain-focused VC founded by industry experts. SMC Capital aims to find and support the highest quality blockchain projects. Prior to founding SMC Capital, John worked as CMO and CBDO of ICORating, the largest blockchain industry rating company, leading ICORating's international expansion. John also served as the CMO of one of the largest travel platforms in Eastern Europe. He also ran his own consulting firm, working with some of the world's largest banks, retailers, startups, and venture funds. John's expert commentary on the blockchain market has been published by leading media, including Forbes, Business Insider, Wall Street Journal, INC,, CoinTelegraph, and many others.

Mik Mironov
Co-founder, Senior Partner
Mike managed a multi-million dollar portfolio of assets as a Coverage Banker for Financial Institutions for the EMEA region at ABN AMRO Bank for over 8 years. In his role as a Community Growth mastermind at Airbnb, Mike oversaw a 700% community growth in just 2 years. Mike has worked in blockchain since 2015. As Head of Sales and Partnerships at ICORating, he built profitable partnerships with leading crypto industry funds and exchanges. He is a co-founder of GlTA - the Global ICO Transparency Alliance. Mike holds an MBA from the University of Wales and a Masters in International Relations from the University of Amsterdam.
SMC Capital in numbers
A track record of excellence
Global events that we organized and participated in
Articles and mentions in major media outlets
Investment funds and exchanges that partner with us
High-profile traders which work with us
After our phone conversation we understood that Tweebaa is looking for investments, active traders and token holders. And we think that the best way is to provide Tweebaa with our turn-key solution for blockchain companies (Promotion+Fundraising).
What we propose to Tweebaa. Fundraising
Comprehensive audit of all investor documents
In the first and most important phase of our work together, we will conduct a thorough audit of all documents for investors, including pitch deck, white paper, term sheets, investor prospectus, executive summaries, and any other relevant documents. After our audit, we will provide detailed recommendations for improvement or will help to create it from scratch.
Structure and support of the Private Sale with dedicated access to SMC's network of investors
You can expect results from private introductions to our investor network globally. This will be done in several ways such as private meetings, calls, representing Tweebaa at conferences, communicating with our network by other means. We pride ourselves on having strong connections to 200+ investors all over the world.
Private investors dinner / meetup in Singapore / NYC / SF
We will organize a private meetup / dinner with pre-selected investors from our network.
  • 25 to 45 highly relevant pre-selected guests (token funds, venture funds, private investors, family offices, exchanges)
  • Closed-door, invitation-only dinner format allows for 15 minutes keynote pitch followed by casual discussion and one-on-one networking with investors
Strategic support from a team of dedicated professionals
SMC Capital's team conducts a deep dive into your project and provides unparalleled support in pitching your fundraising round to our personal network of investors. We are ready to consult you on a range of issues, including market entry, and general strategic and management consulting. We will also act as ambassadors to your brand at conferences that our team attends around the world.
Introductions to selected investors
SMC Capital will pitch your project to all relevant investors from our network 200+ investors.
Private investor dinner / meetup in Singapore / NYC / SF
We will organize a private meetup/dinner with pre-selected investors from our network. Also, we will provide you with high-level comprehensive support during all pitching process.
A full audit of deal structuring
SMC Capital's analysts will conduct our propriety audit to evaluate your deal structure, valuation, suggesting changes and corrections.
Strategic Consulting with Partners
As an added bonus, we will include a strategic consulting session with SMC Capital's Managing Partner John and Mik about fundraising, deal structuring, business development, media strategy and more.
Several examples of the investment funds that we work with
Fenbushi Capital
VC that is focused on the blockchain; largest blockchain investor in Asia, 1st investor in Ethereum
Neo Global Capital
TOP-10 global blockchain-focused funds, they invest in equity and tokens. Legendary VC in the blockchain space.
A subsidiary of (EOS)
Tembusu Partners
One of the most reputable VC in Singapore with $1.5 bn AUM
Du Capial
TOP-20 global blockchain-focused funds, they invest in equity and tokens.
Alpha Square Ventures
$ 1bn+ AUM, NYC-based VC focused on traditional and blockchain companies.
One of the most legendary blockchain-focused funds.
Ripple VC
The investment arm of Ripple.
Andreessen Horowitz
Global VC legend.
Jubilee Capital
Blockchain-focused fund, 30+ investments, they invest in equity and tokens.
BitBlock Capital
Chinese-American VC, with 30+ portfolio companies.
TNF Capital
US-Swiss VC
What we propose. Promotion
A turnkey solution for blockchain companies
Tailor-made strategy
SMC's Brand Building team will help you develop a plan on how to position yourself in the market, ensuring that the brand you build stays consistent with your vision
Securing speaking opportunities
Establish yourself as an expert in your field by securing speaking opportunities at high-profile events around the world for a fraction of the cost that other speakers pay or for free
Articles in leading media
Our PR specialists will curate and pitch your content to our extensive list of media contacts from leading outlets, such as Forbes, CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph,, and others.
Social media management
Not only do we help monitor and engage with your existing social media community, we also think outside the box to help you grow your audience organically
Branded events
One of the best ways to solidify your brand among key opinion leaders is to host an event where all the most important people in your industry attend
24/7 Support
SMC staff work in all corners of the globe, including NYC, London, Amsterdam, Singapore so we can provide constant support at any hour.
What does Promotion help you achieve?
A globally recognized brand can deliver enormous
benefits to your company
Grow core business
User growth is at the heart of every startup go-to-market strategy. Our brand-building support will help you drive Tweebaa user base and revenue growth.
Build engaged community of traders
Our resources and reputation will be leveraged to develop your community of high-profile members. Engaged community will allow you to build more partnerships, grow user base, get more exposure and adoption, raise more funds, increase your trading volume on the secondary market, and to be listed on top exchanges.
Raise more funds
SMC Capital has its own distribution network of 219 investment funds, family offices and private investors globally who will receive all information about Tweebaa and will consider Tweebaa token as an investment opportunity.
Develop partnerships
We will help you to attract high-level industry partners and leverage their brands to support Tweebaa business development.
Scale up and outcompete
Competition in blockchain industry is fierce. We build Tweebaa brand together with your team to scale business further up and beat the competition.
Boost corporate morale
Employees feel better and work harder when their employer has a powerful brand
SMC media mentions
Quotes from our Managing Partner John Slyusarev in the leading business media
Strategic Consulting (Promotion + fundraising)
Up to 3 Months : $ 18,000 (fiat or BTC or USDT) + $18,000 (in Tweebaa tokens )/per month
Strategic Consulting (Promotion + fundraising)
3+ Months : $ 15,000 (fiat or BTC or USDT) + $15,000 (in Tweebaa tokens)/ per month