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Experts from traditional market (finance, travel, e-commerce, etc.) who already handled with a past crisises (Dot Com, 2008, 2014)
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5-hours consulting session from SMC Capital experts for your C-level managers. It's regular price is USD 20,000
Why we decided to create this workshop?
Surviving the crypto recession

After reaching a peak market cap of $835 billion on January 7, 2018, the blockchain industry collapsed to just $101 billion on December 15, a loss of nearly 88 percent. Many companies are struggling to survive the bearish market. In this time of crisis, we can turn to the past for guidance by looking at a similar technology-driven bubble - the dotcom crash.

The Nasdaq hit a low of 1,114 on October 9, 2002, down 78 percent from its peak of 5,048 reached on March 10, 2000. Hundreds of companies went bankrupt and trillions of dollars in investments evaporated. However, a handful of truly innovative, disruptive, and profitable companies, like Cisco, Apple, Oracle, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Adobe, emerged from the ashes of the dotcom bubble and went on to generate trillions of dollars in authentic and organic growth. Now it's blockchain's turn.

Our Survive workshop event aims to deliver key insights from the dotcom bubble designed to help your company emerge from the current crypto storm stronger than ever.
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Workshop topics
The keys to survival in bearish market conditions
Your business is already struggling, unexpected legal costs can be the final nail in the coffin. Partners from leading crypto-focused law firms will provide guidance on compliance issues and warn you of the possible pitfalls. Topics include:

Regulatory compliance across different jurisdictions (the US, China, Malta, etc).

Dealing with lawsuits from investors, funds, and other companies.

Legal protection against hostile takeovers.
Business Development
Crisis forces companies to make tough decisions and implement creative management and business development strategies. Experts from the advisory sphere and from successful projects will share their hard-learned insights on surviving the crisis, such as:

Laying the foundations to an anti-crisis strategy.

Managing staff reductions and cuts to the budget.

Effective media strategies.

Maintaining growth in a bearish market.
Asset Management
During the market peak, blockchain companies and funds raised an astonishing amount of investment. As market conditions change, the biggest challenge becomes managing that money. Specialists from crypto funds and traditional finance will share expertise about:

Risk management and hedging strategies.

Tactics to ensure a steady token price.

Dealing with BTC and ETH volatility.
As investor requirements for blockchain projects have grown, finding quality projects has become more difficult. Over the last 2 months, blockchain investment decreased dramatically. Top crypto funds and traditional family offices share strategies for finding good projects. Topics covered:

Most promising industries for investment.

Best practices in project evaluation.

Bearish market fundraising strategies.
Why attend?
Truly innovative companies will emerge from this recession stronger than ever and will generate billions of dollars in new wealth. Become one of them.
Gain a foundation for your anti-crisis business strategy
Stabilize your crypto holdings and token price
Learn how to grow your business in bearish markets
Regular ticket
  • Attendance by 1 company representative
  • Exclusive access to all the keynote speeches
  • Exclusive participation in the workshops in each of the sections: Legal, Asset Management, Business Development, Investing
  • Video records of all the keynote speeches
  • Video report of the conference with your company
    being present in it
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Corporate Premium Package
  • Attendance by 3 company representatives
  • Exclusive access to all the keynote speeches
  • Exclusive participation in the workshops in each of the sections: Legal, Asset Management, Business Development, Investing
  • Video records of all the keynote speeches
  • Video report of the conference with your company being
    present in it
  • One-on-one 15-minute meetings with the expert speakers
  • Exclusive 3-hour consultation by SMC Capital consisting of guidelines on how to survive in the crisis, how to develop business in a right way, etc (can be received in any convenient time)
  • Exclusive access to the Market research conducted by SMC Capital, which including trends, risks and perspectives of the market
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About the Organizer
SMC Capital
SMC Capital is an NYC-based investment and advisory firm focused exclusively on projects and tokens related to blockchain tech, digital currency, and security token offerings (STOs).

Our team has secured dozens of mentions for clients in leading media, helped dozens of projects list their tokens on top exchanges, and hosted over 15 events in 2018 alone.

We maintain strong relations with investment communities in Asia, Europe, and North America as well as with leading media, such as WSJ, Business Insider, Forbes, CoinDesk, and others.

Our past events
We have already organized more than 15 events in New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and London
Past events' speakers
Some of the market leaders who were speakers at our previous events
Wanlin Wang
Co-founder at Bibox Exchange
Will Wang
Head of BD and Investment (North America) at Huobi Eco |

Michael Arrington
Partner at Arrington XRP Capital
Charles A. Gelinas
Partner at Dentons
And more that 50 other industry leaders