March 21st, Singapore


Private Dinner Invitation
SMC Capital and Anchor would like to cordially extend you a complimentary invitation to join us for a private dinner event in Singapore on March 21 at 6:00 pm. This exclusive, invitation-only event will feature an intimate discussion on stablecoins and the intricacy of cross-border digital asset investment strategies.

Attendance is limited to 35 guests, and is only open to companies that make direct investments in digital assets, including ICOs, STOs, and cryptocurrencies, as well as to leading cryptocurrency exchanges and prestigious media. If the guest list has already been filled, applicants that satisfy the conditions will be added to a waitlist. Each company can only attend with 1 RSVP.

Our event is hosted in an exclusive Singapore location and includes a complimentary 4-course dinner, alcoholic beverages, and drinks. The closed-door event will be an excellent opportunity to network with peer investors, share knowledge, and discuss one of the biggest emerging trends in the industry - stablecoins.

We will begin with a short introduction of each attendee at 6:15 pm followed by a 30-minute networking session, complete with drinks and snacks. Dinner will commence at about 7 pm, followed by another networking session with coffee and tea. The private event will conclude at 9 pm.

Our guests are encouraged to share investment ideas, make new friends, and enjoy yourselves! We hope to see you at our closed-door event on the evening of March 21 in Singapore.

Best regards,
SMC Capital and Anchor
Dinner in numbers
up to 35
Representatives of leading investment funds and exchanges
Hours of effective discussion and networking
Executives from leading funds and exchanges that have already participated at our events
Anchor's dual-token stability mechanism is designed to provide investors and crypto traders with a reliable hedging instrument and global stablecoin standard. CEO Daniel Popa, a serial telecom entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience running successful companies in the USA, Canada, Australia, Romania, and Ukraine, led a team of PhD economists to develop Anchor's proprietary Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU), a scientific algorithm that is indexed to global real GDP via official financial data from twenty of the world's largest economies. Anchor's blockchain developers have built solutions for several large blockchain firms, including Celsius Network.
SMC Capital
SMC Capital is an NYC-based investment and advisory firm focused exclusively on projects and tokens related to blockchain tech, digital currency, and security token offerings (STOs). We maintain strong relations with investment communities in Asia, Europe, and North America as well as with leading media, such as WSJ, Business Insider, Forbes, CoinDesk, and others.
Brought to you by the organizers of Security Token Future - the largest global STO event series
Security Token Future is the largest global conference series dedicated to STOs and tokenization. ST Future events in Hong Kong, Singapore, and New York brought together over 1,000 attendees in total.
Join us to discuss the biggest stablecoin
trends of 2019
Only 35 spots available