The world's first public chain and ultimate killer solution for the payment industry
Problems that we Solve
Payment Industry
High transaction costs (Visa, Mastercard, Union Pay and others)
We can estimate your company opportunities, explore your economic status, analyze your vehicle access and foot traffic. We also can explore the infrastructure and the landscape.
Long and overly complicated settlement process
Merchants won't wait for a settlement that takes 3-10 days. Fast payment settlements are crucial, especially for the SME segment.
The majority of blockchain solutions are unsafe, slow and complicated for real businesses
Merchants can't use Etherium or Bitcoin because of low transaction confirmation speeds (from 7 to 20 minutes for 1 transaction), vulnerability of Smart Contract layer, and very difficult and expensive integration process.
The global crypto audience is ignored
40 million people from all over the world use cryptocurrency. All of them are potential clients for crypto-friendly businesses.
Our Solutions
Payment Industry
99.9% cheaper transactions than Visa or Mastercard
everiPay charges merchants for transactions, but rates are orders of magnitude cheaper than Visa,
WeChat Pay, Ali Pay, or Mastercard.
3 second settlement
All transactions are written onto the blockchain with a 3-second average settlement time. Merchant can get access to their funds immediately.
10,000 transactions per second.
Visa delivers an average of 2,000 TPS during normal operations and 5,000 TPS during peak congestion for 99% of all time. everiPay is the only blockchain payment solution to deliver comparable TPS speeds on their mainnet.
2 hours for integration with existing barcode scanners.
No smart contracts, only API.
No double spending
Any store that uses a barcode scanner can implement everiPay in just 2 hours, all without hiring blockchain developers, buying new equipment, or modifying current business process.
Problems that we Solve
Tokenization Industry
Vulnerability and complexity of Smart Contract layer
Hackers stole hundreds million of dollars, including:
DAO Attack: 3.6 Million ETH Stolen
Parity Attack: 150,000 ETH Stolen
Parity Bug: 513,774 ETH Locked
BEC Int Overflow: 1058 BEC Minted
and others.
Complicated, expensive and long process of creating DApps
✓ Companies must hire blockchain developers to develop Smart Contracts. Blockchain devs are much more expensive and difficult to find.
✓ Difficult and costly to verify quality of blockchain devs
✓ Migration from App to DApp takes from 6 to 20 weeks
High friction and high migration costs
Not free for end users (gas)
Tokenization Industry
Standardized Safe Contracts feature security and simplicity
✓ everiToken's innovative Safe Contracts replace the smart contract layer. Safe Contracts deliver the same functionality as smart contracts, but execute calls to the blockchain via API, providing a high level of standardization and security.
Simple and fast process of creating Dapps
✓ Developers of any mainstream programming language can build everiToken Dapps
✓ everiToken Dapps are created within 4 weeks on average (2 times faster than ETH or EOS)
Low friction and high migration costs
Absolutely free for end users
(no gas)
Target Markets
everiPay is focused on the payment solution market
everiToken is focused on the market of traditional assets that have a high potential to be tokenized
Target Market
everiToken aims to serve the global market, with a first focus on South East Asia, US, Western Europe, and Latin America
$110 Trillion - Global payments market (annual turnover)
$30 Trillion - Tokenization market
Target share of the market
1% of payment market
5% of tokenization market
Competitor Analysis
(Smart Contract usage)
Mass adoption on the payment market
Mass adoption on the tokenization market
up to 10,000
High but for B2B
up to 25
High (currently ETH is a leader)
Over 90 Dapps are built over everiToken's public chain. Below are some of our most successful use cases.
Zhiyuan Hui, the largest volunteering platform in the world, is building a blockchain platform based on everiToken for its 71 million users
A $500 million stablecoin based on everiToken was issued by Ho Wah Genting Group, one of the largest travel and entertainment companies in Malaysia
A major Brazilian soccer lottery set to implement everiToken in early 2019, serving over 2 million users per month
A Cambodian artist conducted a security token offering (STO) of his artwork using everiToken's public chain
everiToken's innovative technologies power all aspects of the emerging token economy
everiToken Platform
The world's first token-customized public chain
Enabling crypto payments, any time, any place, lightning-fast
Say good bye to paper tickets
Check every transaction in real-time
Go-to-Market Strategy
How we onboard clients, partners, users, and build up a global brand
Establishing high-quality and lasting partnerships
We aim to attract as many high-profile partners as possible because every partner that develops a DApp on everiToken's public chain brings their audience, and partners, driving mass adoption, while covering around 90% of all expenses.
everiToken stimulates developers to create DApps based on our blockchain and supports the most promising projects, helping great ideas succeed.
Showcasing everiToken at high-profile conferences
True mass adoption can be achieved when your core audience knows about your product and can talk with a core team directly. For us, conferences are a good source for onboarding new community members, partners, and users. For example, we onboarded HWG at a conference where we won the main prize. As a result, they issued a USD 500 million stablecoin based on everiToken.
Building strong relationships with media
We've already been mentioned in Wall Street Online, one of the most reputable German financial media, Bitcoin.com, one of the largest and earliest crypto media, as well as in more than 10 smaller media. We send regular updates about our milestones to Techcrunch, Yahoo! Finance, WSJ, Cointelegraph, Coindesk, and others, receiving feedback and working out preliminary publishing arrangements.
Engaging and growing our vibrant community
Community development is vital to our goal of mass adoption and global value. Our online community boasts over 7,000 subscribers across various social media accounts. Offline, successful everiToken branded events and meetups have already taken place in Shanghai, Amsterdam, Berlin, Zug, Jakarta, and New York City. Many more everiToken meetups are planned for 2019.
Supporting everiToken developers and Dapps
We place great emphasis on supporting developers in creating DApps based on the everiToken public chain because this stimulates rapid organic growth, mass adoption, and market penetration. In November 2018, participants of our online global hackathon created 15 different Dapps based on everiToken. Winners received money and EVT tokens as well as support for the whole lifecycle of their projects.
Road Map
Our Core Team
Brady Luo
Co-Founder & CEO
Brady is a true believer in the global token economy based on blockchain technology. His academic background is in both engineering and finance, and he is a serial entrepreneur with multinational work experiences across the finance and tech industries.
Dr. Henjing Cai
Co-Founder & Chief Scientist
Dr. Henjing Cai is a professor and PhD advisor in the School of Computer Science at Wuhan University (since 2005). He is an expert-in-residence at the Global FinTech Lab, a visiting researcher at the Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology of Chinese Academy of Science, and an expert committee member of the China AI and Big Data Committee of 100.
Bozhen Chen
Co-Founder & COO
Bozhen Chen is a serial entrepreneur with over 8 years of experience in public relations, corporate operations, marketing, government relations, and business negotiation. He was previously founder and CEO of Zhaohuoma, a B2B apparel platform, and CEO of Madou, an
e-commerce video shopping guide.
Ceeji Cheng
Co-Founder & CPO
Ceeji is a full-stack developer and experienced system architect with more than 10 years of software development experience, and rich entrepreneurship and management experience. He was the first-prize winner of the National Informatics Olympiad, and previously worked at his own startup (as CTO and co-founder).
Harry Wang
Co-Founder & CTO
Harry is an experienced systems development engineer with more than 10 years of systems development experience. He previously worked for Tianfeng Securities in Shanghai, and participated in private placement as a technical partner, where he was responsible for the quantitative trading system development.
Exit Options
How everiToken investors can secure their ROI
Secondary Market Listing
everiToken has reached agreements to list EVT token on several exchanges and wallet services, including MIDAS wallet, SWFT, and IDAX, and we are in talks to list with several top-10 exchanges once we finish our current fundraising round.
Our progress in the micropayments and blockchain payments space throughout China make everiToken an excellent candidate to be acquired by companies such as WeChat Pay and Ali Pay.
New Equity Round
During our cornerstone round and private funding round, we were backed by some of the biggest names in blockchain investment, including Fenbushi Capital. everiToken is considering a possible Series A funding round in Q1 2020.
Previous rounds of investments
We had completed cornstone round and the first stage of a private sale
We already raised
Numbers of investors