Secure and simple tokenization
Lightning-fast crypto payments
Supported by 15+ venture funds, including Fenbushi Capital
And more than 90 other DApps built on everiToken
everiToken Case Studies
Over 90 Dapps are built over everiToken's public chain. Below are some of our most successful use cases.
$500 million stablecoin issued by HWG on everiToken
Major Brazilian soccer lottery set to implement everiToken in early 2019
Cambodian artist tokenized artwork with everiToken
(STO case)
500,000 smart devices in China run on everiToken
Our use cases are constantly expanding.
Stay tuned, we will announce a major partnership soon.
Where can everiToken be used?
Security Token Offerings (STOs) are the best way to tokenize real assets such as equity, revenue, real estate, artwork and others and raise money while staying compliant with regulators. everiToken fully support for STO tokenization.
Real estate
everiToken can help clients tokenize every part of a real building, starting from ownership shares in the building itself and all the way down to smart home integrated devices, including locks, doors, laptops, lighting systems, and others.
Retailers pay enormous commissions to Visa, Mastercard, Union Pay and others, but can save up to 99% on fees with everiToken. High TPS and simple integration allow retailers to implement everiToken quickly, without significant expenses.
From gaming platform to physical casinos, everiToken helps both players and game designers keep track of their accomplishments, spend in-game currencies, and cash out after their big win.
Movie theaters, sports leagues, concerts, art events and many other forms of entertainment can tokenize their existing ticket system and digitalize the entire process from buying tickets to enabling event access.
Reward system
everiToken enables merchants to tokenize their reward points program, reducing costs, attracting new customers, boosting customer engagement, and driving sales
Competitive advantages
Made for real businesses
Our clients don't need to buy additional hardware to set up everiToken, your existing scanners will work perfectly!
Ultra fast
everiToken delivers up to 10,000 transactions per second (TPS) and confirmation times as fast as 1 second
Incredibly convenient
Our platform delivers the same user experience as Visa or Mastercard, with all the added benefits of blockchain
Our core team
Brady Luo
Co-Founder & CEO
Brady is a true believer in the global token economy based on blockchain technology. His academic background is in both engineering and finance, and he is a serial entrepreneur with multinational work experiences across the finance and tech industries.
Dr. Henjing Cai
Co-Founder & Chief Scientist
Dr. Henjing Cai is a professor and PhD advisor in the School of Computer Science at Wuhan University (since 2005). He is an expert-in-residence at the Global FinTech Lab, a visiting researcher at the Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology of Chinese Academy of Science, and an expert committee member of the China AI and Big Data Committee of 100.
Bozhen Chen
Co-Founder & COO
Bozhen has rich experience in government project operations, and specializes in communications and public relations.
Ceeji Cheng
Co-Founder & CPO
Ceeji is a full-stack developer and experienced system architect with more than 10 years of software development experience, and rich entrepreneurship and management experience. He was the first-prize winner of the National Informatics Olympiad, and previously worked at his own startup (as CTO and co-founder).
Harry Wang
Co-Founder & Chief Scientist
Harry is an experienced systems development engineer with more than 10 years of systems development experience. He previously worked for Tianfeng Securities in Shanghai, and participated in private placement as a technical partner, where he was responsible for the quantitative trading system development.
Some of big names in the industry
have invested into everiToken
John Slyusarev
Managing Partner at SMC Capital
John Slyusarev is the Founder and Managing Partner at SMC Capital, an NYC-based venture capital fund that focuses on investing into blockchain infrastructure and STOs. SMC Capital also has a powerful advisory arm, delivering media, PR, exchange listing, and events services to portfolio projects and external clients. Before founding SMC Capital, John was the CMO and CBDO at ICORating, the largest rating agency on the market.
Andrii Matiukhin
CTO of Hacken
Andrii is CTO of Hacken, a famous cybersecurity services provider as well as a white hat community. He is a highly qualified cybersecurity expert with 13 years of success in the industry. He is a certified expert in several areas and has more than 10 certificates of competence. His role at Hacken is to provide technology leadership in developing, integrating and supporting the platform.
Marian Danko
CEO at digitly
Marian Danko is a CEO at digitly, assisting blockchain development teams in getting their message out to the world. Passion for technology and innovation brought him to join the AngelHack and Startup Grind teams. Marian is an active member of tech and entrepreneur communities, bridging the gap between innovation and consumers.

Global Ambassadors
Georg Runge
Ambassador & Investor Relations Europe
Georg is an entrepreneur & Strategic Partner from Berlin, advising blockchain and ICO projects from business, technical and market perspectives. His background lies in top management consulting in Europe and Silicon Valley, co-founding two startups, e.g. as a Global Venture Development Director with Rocket Internet.
Mikhail Danilenko
Blockchain Startups Advisor
Mikhail has co-founded a startup focused on blockchain-based prediction markets adaption and now is a blockchain technology startups advisor in the areas of business model, token design, ecosystem, funding, investment, and business development. His academic background is in finance and economics, he is a CFA® charterholder, and he worked in the areas of valuation, strategies, modeling, and analytics in the banking and finance industry.
Sergej Stein
Blockchain Accelerator Business Co-Founder
Sergej is Co-Founder of DLT Capital, Germany's leading ICO Consultant and Accelerator business. He has managed Blockchain projects from all over the globe with over $80 million in funding. His deep financial background, including a degree from Germany's leading business school and years experience as an analyst at a renowned rating agency, makes him a strong partner for everiToken.
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