EVT Weekly Progress Report
This is the last update in 2018, only month away from releasing previous main network version. Apart from the improvement of existing functions, performance optimization and greatly improvement of everiToken usability and safety serve as a grand finale in this year.

everiToken Basic Chain Development

everiToken released a new 2.3 version of main network.

1. Latest Update

--Add new postgres_plugin. This plugin stores the state information of the block into the PostgreSQL database to provide advanced query functionality. With everiToken advanced queries relied on the MongoDB database, there were several problems. The first is that the write speed of the MongoDB database is not ideal, it is difficult to use some advanced optimization techniques to improve performance for its poor advanced features, the same as the interface performance for batch read and write. Secondly, the storage of the bson mode also causes a waste of the repetition of the key field. The third is that MongoDB also occupies a lot of resources, especially memory storage, and its cache management is rough.

As an enterprise-level database, PostgreSQL database has been the most feature-rich open source database after more than 15 years of development with excellent, reliability and stability performance.

In the process of implementing postgres_plugin, we make full use of the advanced features of PostgresSQl, such as COPY and PREPARE to improve the write performance. Finally, the write performance is improved by more than 3 times compared with the implementation of mongo_db_plugin. Snapshot support to PostgreSQL has also been added.

-- Add a maintenance script: docker_ops.py. This script allows node users to easily maintain and build a node environment, providing the necessary functions of both the test and production environments. Users can quickly build both local test environment or main net node.

--The official Java SDK project (evt2j) was officially launched.

-- The load balancer of official node started to develop, and future block producer candidates can standardize the front-end agent to improve stability. Designed for everiToken, the load balancer automatically recognizes block heights, screens misconduct nodes, and supports upgrade nodes automatically smoothly.

2. Code Optimized

-- Continue to improve the original Snapshot function. As a new feature, snapshots are designed to address the operation challenges existed in blockchain. When the traditional blockchain synchronizes the node data, the data grow along with the time passage and the increase of block number as the result of longer synchronized time. Due to characteristics of the blockchain, if all the block data can be downloaded, all the state data needs to be

Snapshots are designed for this pain point, capturing all the state and block information at a certain moment. When a new node uses snapshots to recover data, the block and status information will be restored, and a node built is also allowed. It is a very convenient way to maintain the node network for users.

everiToken will officially maintain a database of node, sending the latest snapshot to Amazon S3 with one hour interval for those who wants to quickly build an everiToken new node.

--Refactor history_plugin plugin, serving as plugin that provides advanced queries based on the state database. Queries are now based on PostgreSQL instead of original MongoDB. The original blocking mode will slow down the overall efficiency of the chain, and some advanced queries take a long time, so we adopt asynchronous method with greatly improvement of processing efficiency. everiToken can take full advantages of the index and other methods to optimize and further improve the performance of the query.

-- We also do a lot of Profiling on the chain, and optimize the performance at full load through the hot code. The TPS of the main chain now has an increase of about 10% compared to the previous version, with careful adjustment and some minor optimizations.

-- everiToken code base is based on the C++ 17 standard, and this time it has been adapted to the latest GCC 8 and LLVM 7 compilers to ensure that the latest technology is available to achieve optimal performance.

3. Bug Fixed -- Other fixes.

Other Development

everiToken developer documentation for Chinese version

evtScan: -- Add a search function for Address. --Add asset queries for Address --Allow PostgreSQL query mode

evtjs: -- Added getTokens interface to get tokens in batches -- Support for encoding and decoding of data structures such as generatedAddress and name128 -- Added inherent support for actions such as lock, recycle, etc. -- Add some Class to pacakge common actions with no need to manually handle parameters, key and domain. -- Add new test units to FC (structs) and action.


On December 4th, the everiToken CEO Brady visited SUNYARD in Zhejiang province and popularized the blockchain knowledge to the enterprise representatives, focusing on the everiToken public chain technology and the latest ecological progress. The representatives highly recognized the everiToken project.

SUNYARD is a software company listed on the main board of China, mainly engaged in research and development of software products, system integration, and operation services. Sunyard believed that there is tremendous room for cooperation in technical services with everiToken's technological innovations

On December 6th, Spinel Capital came to the everiToken office and meeted the core team. everiToken business partner Fon introduced the everiToken technology to visitors, mainly focusing on everiToken core innovations. After the introduction, Spinel Capital also raised their own doubts about the everiToken architecture, "Token-based" Transaction model and performance. Fon meticulously answered to their confusions and demonstrated the payment scenario by scanning gun within 3seconds.

On December 7th, everiToken was invited by United Labs to showcase the everiToken technology innovation and ecological progress to some investment institutions. The everiToken core team attended the event, and business partner Fon introduced the everiToken to the investment institution. Investment institutions present also highly praised everiToken, and agreed philosophy that everiToken drives business and vice versa.

United Labs is a blockchain investment sharing alliance initiated by a number of well-known blockchain investment institutions. By creating an investment sharing platform, more excellent blockchain projects will be mined through sharing related resources.

Business Development

On December 3Rd, everiToken market director Hugo Li visited the business partner Dingding Door. The two sides conducted in-depth communication and will continue to push the application of the everiToken in the Dingding Life. According to their communication, pilot has been started with hundreds of door locks based on everiToken putting into use, and data can be queried via evtscan.io.

On December 4th, the everiToken core team visited THE CABIN CAPITAL to conduct friendly business negotiations and will jointly work on STO. As we all know, everiToken can be naturally and seamlessly incorporated into the regulation due to design concepts, so that the blockchain project can be legally and compliantly carried out. In addition, everiToken also put forward the concept of "STO Applicable Technology Architecture with safe contract as the core", which has been recognized by many industry experts.

On December 5th, everiToken CPO Ceeji Cheng visited the YiJia Ren in Dongguan of Guangdong province to communicate the details of the cooperation and jointly promote the commercial application. YiJia Ren is a leading provider of smart devices and numerous scenario solutions including the Internet of Things. everiPass , everiToken original blockchain IoT-level authentication protocol, can help the YiJia Ren to scale IoT scenario and solve future safe challenges of big data.

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