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Surviving the crypto recession
After reaching a peak market cap of $835 billion on January 7, 2018, the blockchain industry collapsed to just $101 billion on December 15, a loss of nearly 88 percent. Many companies are struggling to survive the bearish market. In this time of crisis, we can turn to the past for guidance by looking at a similar technology-driven bubble - the dotcom crash.

The Nasdaq hit a low of 1,114 on October 9, 2002, down 78 percent from its peak of 5,048 reached on March 10, 2000. Hundreds of companies went bankrupt and trillions of dollars in investments evaporated. However, a handful of truly innovative, disruptive, and profitable companies, like Cisco, Apple, Oracle, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Adobe, emerged from the ashes of the dotcom bubble and went on to generate trillions of dollars in authentic and organic growth. Now it's blockchain's turn.

Our team aims to deliver key insights from the dotcom bubble designed to help your company emerge from the current crypto storm stronger than ever.
Who we are
We are experts. And we are ready to deliver our value to your business and improve it
SMC Capital is an NYC-based investment and advisory firm focused exclusively on projects and tokens related to blockchain tech, digital currency, and security token offerings (STOs). Our team has a proven track-record of success in the blockchain industry, finance, and high growth startups.

Our powerful advisory arm provides PR services, exchange listing, and events to clients and portfolio projects. We owe a part of our success to maintaining strong relations with investment communities in Asia and US (funds, family offices and exchanges), as well as with leading media, such as WSJ, Business Insider, Coindesk and others.

We pride ourselves in identifying your challenges quickly and designing strategies to address them. We've been helping business for over 15 years in the US, Asia and Europe. We know the landscape, we know your business and understand your industry.

Partners at SMC Capital work directly with our clients, so you can be confident to see strong results from their combined experience and expertise.
SMC Capital in numbers
A track record of excellence
Global events that we organized and participated in
Articles and mentions in major media outlets
Investment funds and exchanges that partner with us
Raised by our clients
What we offer, our Ultimate Package
Our services help you to handle with a crisis in your business and provide ultimate knowledges that will navigate you on the bear blockchain market
SMC Capital Brand Building Packages
A turnkey solution for blockchain companies
Tailor-made strategy
SMC's Brand Building team will help you develop a plan on how to position yourself in the market, ensuring that the brand you build stays consistent with your vision
Securing speaking opportunities
Establish yourself as an expert in your field by securing speaking opportunities at high-profile events around the world for a fraction of the cost that other speakers pay or for free
Articles in leading media
Our PR specialists will curate and pitch your content to our extensive list of media contacts from leading outlets, such as Forbes, WSJ, CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, and others.
Social media management
Not only do we help monitor and engage with your existing social media community, we also think outside the box to help you grow your audience organically
Branded events
One of the best ways to solidify your brand among key opinion leaders is to host an event where all the most important people in your industry attend
24/7 Support
SMC staff work in all corners of the globe, including NYC, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Seattle, so we can provide constant support at any hour.
Our experts audit every detail of your business from business development part to asset management
and legal
Strategy Development
SMC helps our clients create cost-efficient business development strategy, that allows to achieve KPIs and saves up to 90% of marketing budget
High-quality Execution
We leverage years of business development experience to help our clients build a strong brand, vibrant and loyal audience, strong revenue streams, positive interest from investors, cost-efficient business development strategy
Educational Programm for Executives
Tailor-made educational program with 7 modules: Corporate management, Team management, Marketing and PR, Investor relations, Business development, Asset management, Risk management.
Training program for BD teams: marketing, sales, partnerships, PR, investor relations
Intensive educational courses for marketing, sales and business development teams that will allow them to
Optimization and Support
Our exchange relations experts help navigate our clients through the listing period\\

What does Brand Building help you achieve?
A globally-recognized brand can deliver enormous
benefits to your company, even in bearish markets
Brand and reputation is one of the most important factors for investors and venture capital firms.
Attract customers and partners
Research shows that many people make key business decisions based on brand.
List on top exchanges
Top exchanges list tokens with a powerful brand in order to guarantee trading volume.
Grow your token price
Traders feel more confident buying and holding tokens with a solid reputation.
Build your brand community
Strong brands increase audience engagement and membership organically
Boost corporate morale
Employees feel better and work harder when their employer has a powerful brand
Largest media condsider us an experts
Examples of media coverage secured by John Slyusarev, who is a Managing Partners at SMC Capital

Our criteria
Brand building involves sharing reputational risks with our clients, so our selection process is one of the strictest on the market. We aim to work with high-quality projects that already have substantial traction in their industry as well as clear goals for their brand building campaigns.

Let's find out if we're a good fit.
Meet partners
John Slyusarev
Managing Partner
Prior to founding SMC Capital, John worked as CMO and CBDO of ICORating, the largest blockchain industry rating company, leading ICORating's international expansion. John also served as the CMO of one of the largest travel platforms in Eastern Europe. He also ran his own consulting firm, working with some of the world's largest banks, retailers, startups, and venture funds. John's expert commentary on the blockchain market has been published by leading media, including Business Insider, Wall Street Journal, INC,, CoinTelegraph, and many others.
Mike Mironov
Senior Partner
Mike managed a multi-million dollar portfolio of assets as a Coverage Banker for Financial Institutions for the EMEA region at ABN AMRO Bank for over 8 years. In his role as a Community Growth mastermind at Airbnb, Mike oversaw a 700% community growth in just 2 years. Mike has worked in blockchain since 2015. As Head of Sales and Partnerships at ICORating, he built profitable partnerships with leading crypto industry funds and exchanges. He is a co-founder of GlTA - the Global ICO Transparency Alliance. Mike holds an MBA from the University of Wales and a Masters in International Relations from the University of Amsterdam.
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